Tangle or life?

tangled web

This is a second go at Tangled Web.  This is on gessoed paper, and I don’t think it’s better for ripples.  And the gesso is gritty.  Lines were pencil of charcoal.  I imagine I’ll do more in Sharpie.  After visit to Doctor for injection and pharmacy for prescriptions,  I do feel like a bug caught in a web of  “health care”.

Tangled Web

There’s a quote, which I did not look up, about tangled web we weave.  But the POTUS has his own problems.  This is more about dealing with health insurance and the webs they weave, and their agenda to deceive.

Tangled Web


This idea started as a protest of separating children from their families, as a law enforcement tool.   But there is a giant Balsam fir in the middle, the kind that are dying out in WNC.  So your guess is as good as mine.  It is a painting not a representation.



I have a mantra.  “This is a painting, not a ….(fill in the blank.)  Because I forget!  This storm cloud is getting to be a painting.  Now  I live with it awhile to see if it’s done (can’t just stick a fork in it!)

Storm’s Coming

Where am I?

I hope the scope of this threat of a storm coming is overwhelming.  I’ wouldn’t even show up in scale with the mountains,

Storm’s Coming

Just a Painting


This began as horizontal.  The idea was environmental decay or harm.  It is done on Lenox paper, which I gesso.   I don’t know if the gesso or the paper or the tape has changed, but now the paper warps.  I still find it a good starting place for some ideas.

Total hip replacement

About four months ago I got my hip replaced.  I’d had to wait two years, for other health problems.  I’m doing better, but three hours in my studio is my limit, now.  But oh, how much more energy when I’m not in constant intense pain!