Haywood Studio Tour

Here’s a painting you will see in my studio this Fri. & Sat. This is a great time to get your leaf-peeping in on you drive out to Fines Creek.ceres-with-grid

GMO Giraffe

The debate on the future of food is HUGE! Will these changes make a giraffe easier to ship? Does she need a “sell by date?”10-16-15

Tobacco Barn painting

Few NC farmers grow tobacco anymore. The legislature may lift the ban on growing hemp. Don’t know if that is good or not. We need farmers, for oh so many reasons. This painting is on display at 86 N. Main, Waynesville, NC.RAP---Tobacco-barn-1-2008


At risk species. Honeybees are NOT native to US, but very handy critters in food production. A native pollinator is the mosquito. Honeybees are prettier.


Fallen leaves

Even though I call this one Dandelion, the fallen red oak leaf is there. It’s that season, again. This is on display at the Haywood County Arts Council Gallery, as part of the Haywood Open Studios tour. Come out into the country to see my studio on Fri. Oct. 23 or Sat. Oct. 24, 10-5. Driving directions are on my website, or on the Tour Maps, available in Waynesville.223-Dandelions

More monarchs

I do not usually work small, but the Haywood County Arts Council (HCAC) Small Small Works show is in Nov.& Dec. The painting that I showed in the Master Gardener show was 20″x16″. This one is 6″x6″. Change of scale, brushes, focus.

Small monarch
Small monarch