I like these women!

They don’t look important enough to add to a grant application, but I find them coming along when I need them.  Today,s new discovery was wiping acrylic over the enamel drips.  Previous faces were tinted with pastels.CloudNever

Back to painting

What is painting?  This is acrylic on canvas, with enamel drips.  The Eye Wonder series are on paper, 8″x10″, with enamel drips.  The series leaves lots of room for creativity for me, and the format is convenient for all of your framing needs.  The questions about the unpredictability of living, and drippy paint, remain.  The materials have been changed, to protect who?  Canvas, paper, words, eyes, cats, barns, salamanders.  Sure as you’re born you’re never gonna see a unicorn, unless an artist makes it.10-7-13