I accepted this commission with reservations.  The ceramic frog was a gift, and it needs a setting.  The lily pad was a fun time to play with paint.

Yesterday, by happenstance, an artist visited my studio.  He liked this self portrait with small mirrors.6-25-13a6-25-13b6-25-13d


This series is called Eye Wonder.  All of them are done on 8″x10″ paper.  The enamel paint makes a pattern of eyes or glasses, nose, lips, and wrinkles!  The each one is developed through as many processes and layers as I can think of.  The words are mostly random, leaving room for you to interpret what is going on with this individual, at this time.  These are for sale thru my store on  Type in my name and there you are!Splendidunique


Everything stays on the web forever, so I probably shouldn’t show experimental pieces, but masterpieces.  ‘Speriment is the only flavor that I have.6-20-13

The eyes have it

I am not studying eyes, obviously.  They are a symbol, a holder of emotions.  Is anger pink and greed black?  Does Mr. Potato Head have his angry eyes?6-19-13

Women wondering

6-18-13a16-18-13b1I have pushed my series “Eye Wonder” .  Now I am adding collage and words to the dripped/streamed paintings.

I opened an Etsy store under my name, if you would like to see more of the “Eye Wonder” series.6-18-13c