This round background lends itself to a dense circular bloom, the dahlia.   They come in all colors and sizes.  Remember, t4-30-13his is a painting, not a living flower.

The Whole Bloomin’ Thing

This is my second year doing the street fair that celebrates spring.  These are small multi-media works, that will be very affordable.  Flowers and octopi are spring like, right?4-26-13

Gonna be a Dahlia

These round pieces of plywood come from our local Restore.  I’m interested in painting a round flower on a round ground.  May be too hokey.4-22-13


Western North Carolina is known for it’s diversity of salamanders and newts.    I did a series of 12 red salamanders.  The streaming enamel paint makes each one unique.  Anyone who’s played in the creeks around here has seen some kind of salamander. 4-17-13 I will be showing the series at The Whole Bloomin’ Thing, May 11.

Whole Bloomin’ Thing

I’m working on a series of small works on paper for the fair.  They will be affordable, so come by and pick one.  May 11, in front of Art on Depot.Daffodil

Three of a kind

I’m doing series of  small paintings from previous big ones.  Maybe I can lure people in with a small version, at the street fair, The Whole Bloomin’ Thing.4-15-13

What the Hell Happened?

I got blindsided today.  The brakes went out on the truck.  Not dangerous, just a hassle and cost.  Today it’s too cold to sit in the wild flowers, but the idea is the same.4-12-13

More log cabins

These are some production pieces slated for Art on Depot.  The drawing is done with enamel paint, flowing from a bamboo skewer.  The pastels enhance the atmosphere and season.4-10-13a4-10-13b


The huge bloom is from a Cereus cactus.  This oil on canvas painting is at Art on Depot in Waynesville, NC.  Drop by and see it and my 4-10-13other new paintings!