Gorgon-Muse of Women

This is part of my modern day muses.  If necessities cost the same for everyone, how do women live on .77 on the dollar?  This is just the beginning of her hair.  I lived in Dallas for awhile.  This girl is going to have BIG hair.6-29-12


I found these round pieces of plywood at the Habitat Resale shop.  I also ran across and idea in an old journal of the Muses.  So I have nine rounds and I’m referring to the 21st century muses.  Polyhymnia is the muse of womanly things, but thinking of how to live on 77 cents on a dollar, with the cost of necessities not the least bit easier on the female side, the muse had become a Gorgon.  The kids encyclopedia’s from the library on snakes was both cool and CREEPY.  Thanks to the Fines Creek Branch of the Haywood Public Library.6-20-12

Muse of Democracy

I’m not sure what the job of my 21st century muses is, but everybody’s getting new titles and job descriptions.  The board is round.  Democracy is hard work.6-11-12