Too pretty

The painting is pretty, too pretty, but not very interesting.  So far the additions are temporary, but I’m going to make them permanent.  Haven’t thought of a title yet.  Digital hostas?4-26-12

is nature enough?

The music and publishing industries have been forced to change because of the digital age.  Is painting …old school?4-23-12

fall show

I don’t have an axe to grind, at the moment.  I’m in a group show in Sept.  We picked an open-ended title “Pierce the Mundane”.  We all work in different media, and want a broad umbrella.  I’ve been working on these oak leaves which seem mundane. 4-16-12

Tea in the gallery

The Fine Ladies will host an afternoon Tea on Saturday in the Sleeping Stones Gallery.  We think it will be a great setting when we get everything done!tea-prep


We “updated our browser”.  Now things don’t work as I expect.  We shall see how this post goes.  I’m starting to like acrylics, a lot.  This beginning of oak leaves may have additions and corrections.4-9-12

April Showers

I started on this in March, an observation of the coming of spring.  With the storms of late, the dark block in the upper left is a reference to a QR code, or a thunderstorm.April Showers