We’ve been mostly snowed in since Christmas.  I’ve been doing some painting, mostly on older pieces that have percolated long enuf, thank you very much.  I started work on Crash again.  I’m so thankful that it was the car that was killed, and not Gregg and Callie!


I got a magnet with the comment “Life is not a destination, it’s a journey.”  Since I haven’t gotten any official notice that I’m an Artist, I just try to work everyday, and when I get to the end, there will be like the riverbank, a sign, but the river has run past.  Oh, and when I get the notification of Artist, I’ll let you know!River

hemmed in

The economy or lack there of, and the weather have me hemmed in.  I don’t like the feeling, but maybe I’m being forced to move in a direction.  It is sooo much easier for me to solve other peoples problems, but the ones on my plate need my attention.