Tree of Life

I think I’m “just before” killing this painting.  I don’t know what’s bothering me.  Maybe I was foolish to try such and odd ratio.  This is not the golden mien!2-27-10


I got off axis from this panel to show the edges I painted.  I was going to go w/ flat black edges, but the other panels look good with the wraparound.2-25-10

trying acrylics

My FC studio has a propane heater and I can’t use oils when it’s lit.  I got to work there today.  These are two 30″ panels.  I don’t know whether the doors will warp, but I put the paint on in washes.  I really like the effect.  I know I will put more paint on them, but maybe I can save some of the wash areas.  The color is so delicate, and the panel is not.2-24-10

top heavy

I’m more excited about the spirals, I don’t know why.  This is going the right way, but as I post this I notice that all the spirals at the top are the same width.  Break it up!2-22-10


Hugh was trying to help get wi fi in my studio.  We went home for lunch.  His cell would only stay connected if he made himself a human antenna.  Ah, the joys of country living!Hugh, human antenna

Fear is a Mind Killer

I started this when I had health care ins.  Now I don’t and the FEAR is mind killing.  I wish the jerks in our govt. would get off their high horses and think about Americans, not reelection.Fear is a Mind Killer

The moon needs work

You may not believe this, but I can see things in these photos that I miss in the studio.  Since I’m using a flash it highlights things.  Instead of glowing, my moon looks like it’s having a solar flare.  So I know what this afternoons project it.  Tree of Life