Drawing big

I’ve never drawn like I paint, standing away from the surface.  These big drawings allow me to move across the surface, not be stuck sitting close.  I LIKE IT!Christmas Party


I’m using my time sequestered by the snow to do big drawings.   The aspect is about the same as the hollow core doors I use.  The paper is tracing paper, and they may fall apart as soon as I unpin them from the wall, but I have had a lot of freedom drawing them.  I’ve always been intimidated by drawing, because I really struggle to get things in proportion.  With these drawings, I’m not even trying.  I have a step stool to get me to the top, and it’s fun to sustain a line that’s more than 80″s long.  Do you dread Christmas parties as much as I do?Christmas Party

Day 3-snowed in

I used the end of a roll of kraft paper and worked on a drawing.  Spirals and double helixes have come from my idea of Birth/Death.

There’s at least 2 ft. of snow.  It’s beginning to look a lot like Chicago, except steeper.  We have coffee for 3 more days, then we will be forced to get out, one way or another!12-20-09

Ho, ho, ho!

It’s snowing to beat the band!  We are expecting a foot by tomorrow p.m.  I like snow, but not when it turns to ice on our road.  Gregg’s plowing it now.  I was interviewed by the arts editor for the Asheville Citizen-Times, and a photographer took pix of Chemo Today and me.  They said they’s run it on the arts section Sun.  That takes care of my marketing conscience!  Having hosted lots of travel writers at WindDancers, the experience wasn’t weird.  And hey, if I looked like Angelina Jolie, she wouldn’t be anything special, so there!

White water

It rained all night.  Our trickle of a creek is a bold stream today.  The power was out all morning.  Even tho I was warm and got some work done, I’m sooo glad it’s back on.  My car’s in the shop so I was really stuck.12-9-09a12-9-09b

oils and propane don’t mix

They tried to tell me, but wow!  The fumes kill brain cells quick!  So today was good news/badnews.  They hadn’t filled the propane tank, so there was NO heat, and I’d taken my little electric heater home.  However, I called and they said delivery was today.  I cleaned up all oil paints, removed all solvents, and am looking at working in acrylics and latex house paint for the winter season.  The propane was delivered and Gregg came by to relight the pilot.  Come on baby, light my fire!


We got my heater hooked up yesterday.  I was busy this a.m., but when I got to the studio at 1:30, it was bearable, and I turned it up.  I’m used to the cold so I imagine it’s around 60 when I’m working and 50 at night.  Just in time, they forecast snow showers tomorrow.  Oh the weather outside is frightful, but I can paint, so let it snow!

Of course the photos I took today were …not good, so no pix today.