upper rt. corner

I love it when Gregg comes to the studio.  He can tell me when a part of my painting bugs him or seems unfinished.  The triangle in the corner has been interrupted.  Now the tricky part is to finish the details without getting caught in fussiness.9-29-09

Salute to Roy McGuire

Gregg made a print rack for me out of PVC pipe.  It bugs him that it looks cheap, because it was.  I said it was an homage to my father.  Gregg helped him lay miles of irrigation lines in the pecan orchard in San Antonio.  “That’s what it needs!”  He’s going to add a faucet and  say it’s derivative of Marcel Duchamp.9-28-09

more paint

This may not look much different from the last post.  In it I had worked in the yellows.  That left the white flowers looking mighty sketchy.  I had liked the freedom that I’d sketched them in with, and then left it.  But that was WRONG.  Mostly I worked on the center panel.  I really like my fried egg daisy, but the paint on it is the barest wash.  I’ll keep moving around the panels until a lightening bolt strikes and says “It’s done!”9-26-09


Hopefully this is the photo I tried to post yesterday.

Gregg read about a writer who wouldn’t use a computer, because he said they drank whiskey at night.  Too right!9-25-09

more yellow

I had an affair with yellow, today.  However, the photo isn’t there.  It’s not my fault!  I need to work on white tomorrow, so maybe I can find that pic.

trust yourself

Everybody has an opinion, just like everyone has a … nose.  No matter what education and experience someone brings to a painting or work of art, it really should matter if they like it or not.   But I can’t controll anyones aesthetics, except mine.9-23-09

Stacked stone

The building my studio is in was the old Fines Creek Gym.  The WPA and members of the community stacked the stone, probably using mules.  There are no community members that could do that kind of work now.  Each stone is interesting, I think.9-22-09

oil paints are my favorite

I know lots of people work in acrylics, especially on a piece so large.  I love the way the panels take the oil paint and the depth of colors.  Many are colorists. I’m a coloroholic.  I’m happy with these.   I will hang them with a space between each one.   Now I have to find a wall big enough to show them off.  Any corporate types out there?

9-21-09Gregg bought me two more panels yesterday!