Prayer boxes

I am working on Chemo Today again, and getting a lot of collaboration input.  This is what a prayer box looks like before it’s folded into the box.  I learned the technique while studying handmade books.   I made a bunch from recycled boxes, but they seemed gaudy.  Now I’ve done a bunch in white.  I may have people sign them with words that summarize what the prayer was for.   Gregg thinks the boxes are empty, the prayers have been sent on.

I came up with an idea for the sense sound.  I will put in a kazoo, for music.  It will be more upbeat than an ominously ticking clock, which was my first idea.making prayer boxes


We took some time away to recuperate after Bobbi’s death.   I discovered the artist Ed Kienholz.   The closet was intimidating, just as a blank canvas is intimidating.  So you start somewhere.  This may look like a regression, but I pulled everything out of the closet so that I can be sure that what is included has a purpose, not just because I had a lot of stuff and shoved it all in.closet bottomtop of closetempty closet