Photographers, don’t gag, I know it’s crooked.  But seeing it in photo helps me. 

artists’ books

I saw a call for a show of artists’ books, at Asheville Book Works.  It has gotten me interested in the subject.  Some of the samples in the book I checked out from the library seem to deal more with origami and pretty paper.  Books have always been important to me.  I’m thinking about what I would want to put into a book.  I find it especially intriguing because all of the various crafts that I’ve learned could be used in making a book.  Hey, who knew all of this was leading somewhere?

We got four inches of rain, hooray.  WNC is still in drought conditions.

expiration date

Does a talisman have an expiration date?  My biopsy came back clean! I’ve done 2 collages and one piece that is derivative of that work.  The second collage glared, so you’ll have to use your imagine.  I layered transparencies of the rainhat over prints of it.

Talisman progress

If anyone cares, I do not work in any order.  After doing Blue Cross I realized that Talisman needed more work.  The panels are hollow core doors, 80″ high and two 18″ panels joined, for a total width of 36″.  It’s sitting on quart paint cans.  I guess the tripod wasn’t level, the painting is!   NEWS FLASH … no biopsy tomorrow.  SNAFU.   

Rainhat with grass

BCBS finally agreed to the MRI biopsy.  It will be next Tues. at noon.  I’m so relieved to not be waiting.  Today is Donna’s day to wait.  It is just plain hard.

This is a painting in progress.  I tried putting the grass across the face and it just mooshes in.  I will let this dry for awhile.  I’ve mixed a lighter color in with copal medium to make it smoother to drag across the surface.  See, I can be patient!  I’m better with paint than the —–insurance company.


I have the solution to health care in America.  It’s very democratic.  Everyone gets a lottery number.  Each year Congress declares the amount that will be spent on health care.  If you are high in the lottery, you receive medical treatment.  If not, so sorry.  It would work, weed out the unlucky!