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In 2009, I began showing my work at Art on Depot and Gregg gave me one very important gift, my studio. The classrooms off of either side of the old Fines Creek Gym were abandoned and dilapidated. The rooms hadn’t been use since the ‘60s. The gym was used regularly by the community for gatherings and dances. Gregg and I began renovations on my studio, the middle classroom on the west side of the gym. He rebuilt the original windows so they open and close. We added a propane heater and a ceiling fan.

In 2010 we set to work renovating another classroom next to my studio as a gallery space. That room had water damage to the ceiling and walls. The space, which I call Sleeping Stones Gallery (you know the stones are asleep because they don’t move) has hosted the Haywood Open Studio Tour and the Fine Ladies Tea. The installation “Chemo Today” is on permanent display in the gallery.

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