Moving Canna Screen

We are taking the Canna Screen out of Art on Depot tomorrow, unless you swoop in and buy it! 80″x60″, oil on two panels.

Canna Screen
Canna Screen

Eyes, portals

For more than a year I have been working with eyes, especially women’s eyes.   This painting on panel has a lot of pastels drawn into it.  Looking forward, inward, outward and with a nod to what came before.


Habitat Auction

Oct. 9, from 5:30 to 8:30 at Frog Level Brewing is the Waynesville Habitat for Humanity Auction.  I’ve donated another dahlia-with-blueone in this series which are called Dahlia.  Our Restore sells these fine quality plywood circles.  I’ve used acrylics and black enamel.  The circle is 8.5 inches across.

Nature disturbed

I’ve been working on these.  The foam flower has given me the most trouble!  The praying mantis’s have been interesting.  One is on two canvases, the swath down the middle is the mounting board, not part of the painting.  The other one is on a panel.  So far, I struggle more with acrylic on canvas, than on panels.  But the canvases were just sitting there!Susan Livengood painting acrylic, canvas 7-23-14b 7-23-14c

A Good Marriage

Architecturally when walls made of different materials are joined, it is called a marriage.  This screen- oil on two panels, depicts a log wall meeting a hand stacked stone fire place.  See this piece in the window at Art On Depot in Waynesville.

wnere different material meet to make a stronger whole
Where different material meet to make a stronger whole

Crumpled grid

Superstorm Sandy knocked out one quarter of the power grid and communications.  I’ve been working on the idea of Modern Muses on these round pieces.  Maybe this is the throw down between Mother Nature and Calliope, the Muse of Communication.11-12-12

Quilt Square

The Dead Man in the Creek quilt square was delivered by Kay Miller on Fri. July 15.   This is the second work of public art in Fines Creek.  The first is the War Memorial.  All communities benefit from public