May 1st, already

Been awhile since I posted. Splenectomy a couple of weeks ago SHOULD solve the issues. I’ve done some painting and plan to start posting them. I’m still sore and waiting for energy. Now a session in my studio wipes me out. I’m thankful for surgeons, but I’m tired of them whacking off pieces. Oh well, beats the alternative.

Libraries equal civilization

I love libraries.  My first was a Bookmobile in the parking lot of the Piggly Wiggly in San Antonio.  Here’s an article about some unusual libraries.


I’m thinking about updating my website.  2013 was not a productive year.  Hopefully it was a transitional year.

Year’s end

This has been an…interesting year.  So instead of thinking of things that I believed were wrong,  I’ll just set them down to be “features”.    I haven’t posted due to holidays and illness.  This is an updated WP, and I have to figure it out.

The Bay Lights.

Thanks to WordPress for beginning the funding for the Bay Lights.  Public art makes people aware of what might be.

Muses for me

Muse’s have an important job.  They help the creative person get their act together.

Spammers suck!

I’ve been inundated by spammers.  We also had vandals break windows in the center where my studio is.  These people need to tap into their creativity, not the dark side.


The negative forces are active.  My opening page was hacked.  Windows were broken in the center where my studio is.  Evil is alive and moving.


We’ve been mostly snowed in since Christmas.  I’ve been doing some painting, mostly on older pieces that have percolated long enuf, thank you very much.  I started work on Crash again.  I’m so thankful that it was the car that was killed, and not Gregg and Callie!

hemmed in

The economy or lack there of, and the weather have me hemmed in.  I don’t like the feeling, but maybe I’m being forced to move in a direction.  It is sooo much easier for me to solve other peoples problems, but the ones on my plate need my attention.