Ceres or Cereus

This plant is blooming again.  The painting of it is at the Haywood County Arts Council gallery thru the first week of June.  They are celebrating the Ruby Anniversary, forty years.

Other extreme

495000 was the count after everything they threw at me in the hospital, early this month.   Up from 6000 platelets.  Norm is 300000.  Blood, we’re working on it.  Painting is good!495000-blog

Broken Fishing Lines

This small painting has monofilament lines embedded into the surface.  This is a problem in our oceans.  On show at HCAC Small works show.broken-fishing-lines-blog

Blue Corner

This is one of five of my paintings on show at the Haywood County Arts Council Small Works Show, thru Dec.  There are many artists represented.  Which one is your favorite?blue-corner-blog

Series of paintings

My ITP went kaboom last Tues. and landed me in the hospital, again.  As we try to get a handle on the malady, I am trying to understand it through paintings.  There are three elements that I’m going to focus on.   Platelets (that may or may not look like pickles), Antibodies, and my Immune Response ( IR).   Short explanation of the problem is that my IR detects antibodies on my platelets, and throws out everything!  Normal platelet level is 300,000.  Last Wed. mine were down to 6,000.  Bleeding is a big concern!    This is not a medical illustration, but a learning journey.


Haywood County Studio Tour Tomorrow

Do some leaf peeping on your way out to my studio.  Deb Parmele will also be showing in my studio, so you’ll get to see two different artists.

GMO Giraffe, they’re looking for a way to package you nice and neatly.

GMO-Giraffe  oil on panel 80"x24"
oil on panel