Still separated

So many distractions, but there are still over 1000 immigrant children separated from their parents.  The consequences will be awful.



I’ve done a lot of paintings that have dealt with storms and the destruction they cause.  I’m going to try to post several.  Even tho we are at the Western edge of North Carolina, we are wa


iting to see what we get from Hurricane Florence.


I started this thinking that there is a lack on my right side.   Shrivelled was a good word to start it, but now it’s about the holes, many surgical but emotional as well.  Not to dwell on their loss, but to acknowledge it and move on.   These are reasons that I am not as I used to be.


I noticed

in meditation group the other day that I have an imbalance of my right side.   I am exploring the idea and call this painting Shrivelled.


BT, what do you think?

I’ve struggled with this.  It was pretty easy to block in light and dark clouds, but pushing it to make it a painting, was work.

Storm’s Coming