More, more

When I saw Storm’s Coming this morning, it was thin.  Not enough paint.  So here’s some more.  It is about environmental and political  problems, not a religious thing.

Storm’s Coming


Continuing to try to make “Storm’s Coming” ominous and threatening, without just painting it solid black.   I’m avoiding blue, and the purple is what is threatening me, too, too.   After I’d made a goo of all the paints, I went in with apalette knife and made some edges.

Storm’s Coming


Storm’s Coming

A local farmer dropped by my studio today, just as I was starting this painting.  I was very loosely laying in orange swirls.  His question was whether I had a plan, or was just painting.  The answer is both.  We’ve had lots of big thunderstorms this summer.  The clouds before the rain are dynamic, to say the least.  Are the clouds wilder because of global warming?  Is everything just fine, politically and environmentally?  I’m pretty sure there’s a storm coming.   

I hope to post pix of this painting in progress.  First is sketch in chalk on brown paper.  The painting is acrylic on a gallery wrapped canvas 36″x24″.  I like to paint around the wrapped edges, avoiding frames.  So BT, I hope this helps you get what I’m trying to do.  I do not blame your skepticism that it will turn into anything.  But as a farmer, you probably get the idea of continuing to try.

The Bad Seed- HART Oct. 2018

Livengood Studio will be the featured exhibit in the lobby of HART in Waynesville, NC, in Oct.  Gregg will be showing sculpture, and I will hang my newer and larger paintings.


Women are fleeing war, violence against themselves and their children, fires, floods, hurricanes…..

women fleeing disaster, acrylic on canvas


In 2016 I needed a new hip.  I got my spleen removed instead, to cure Chronic ITP.  That didn’t work.  Lots of my paintings with ovals represent platelets, or the lack of.  The 2018 painting ,ala, Frida Kahlo, is of that surgery.  

Alonso Davis

In a summer session at the San Antonio Art Institute(now gone)  Alonso Davis challenged me.  Do you want to think of yourself as an artist, or a housewife?  Made me mad, so I painted Dogs of Hell.  After he set us up to paint a mural (on a barber shop wall)  I designed, helped paint, and finished the 10’x20′ mural, that stayed there for ten years.    I chose artist.  Thanks, Alonso Davis, west coast muralist.

Terrible Fall

I had Shingles in Sept., kidney infections in Oct, and Gregg mangled his thumb in Nov.  It was a terrible fall.