Nature disturbed

I’ve been working on these.  The foam flower has given me the most trouble!  The praying mantis’s have been interesting.  One is on two canvases, the swath down the middle is the mounting board, not part of the painting.  The other one is on a panel.  So far, I struggle more with acrylic on canvas, than on panels.  But the canvases were just sitting there!Susan Livengood painting acrylic, canvas 7-23-14b 7-23-14c

Studio five year anniversary

Five years ago Gregg showed me this classroom in the Fines Creek Gym.  It was a mess, but we’ve done a lot of rehabbing.  He made it a great studio for me.  Thanks, Mr. Livingopod!

studio in Fines Creek Gym
studio in Fines Creek Gym


Libraries equal civilization

I love libraries.  My first was a Bookmobile in the parking lot of the Piggly Wiggly in San Antonio.  Here’s an article about some unusual libraries.