GMO Flower

Not really.   What is the goal?  The flower industry is lucrative.  I could use some money.  Every movement has an effect.  How do we prioritize?  Short term vs. long term consequences.6-25-14


This started as an abstract color field painting.  The peony just butted in!

Susan Livengood painting on paper

A Good Marriage

Architecturally when walls made of different materials are joined, it is called a marriage.  This screen- oil on two panels, depicts a log wall meeting a hand stacked stone fire place.  See this piece in the window at Art On Depot in Waynesville.

wnere different material meet to make a stronger whole
Where different material meet to make a stronger whole

Fixing my old easel

This easel has been with me a long time.  Lately the tray has been falling after I move it.  Or stuck the next time from cranking down the knob.  Gregg cut a piece of sandpaper to size of the back, and adhered it with double sided tape.  He sprayed the knob with silicon, for lubricating locks.  I didn’t take an “after” picture, but the whole thing is back together and working smoothly.  It was a small job for him, and a big help for me.  Thanks, Gregg!

Sandpaper and double sided tape
Sandpaper and double sided tape