Recyled plastic sign board

I primed this plastic sign board.  You can see how the brush skipped across the corrugations.  The paint doesn’t stick perfectly, but this was a stab at loosening up after the Eye Wonder series.  The self portrait was pretty straight forward, but the addition of the enamel drips is working nicely.12-30-13

Year’s end

This has been an…interesting year.  So instead of thinking of things that I believed were wrong,  I’ll just set them down to be “features”.    I haven’t posted due to holidays and illness.  This is an updated WP, and I have to figure it out.

In progress

I’m still working on mastering acrylic paints, instead of them mastering me!  The eye is from the Eye Wonder series idea, of observing (and wondering what I can do about it?).12-4-13

Thanks, Forrest.

7-10-13I got a stomach bug after Forrest updated my WordPress. Trying to learn the new stuff.  This pic was before, on my BD.  Now, do  I remember what I just did?