Eye Wonder about the weather

This has more underpainting, before the enamel streams.Eye Wonder about the weather With tornadoes and hurricanes, and other freak weather, maybe she is wondering about the weather.

Investment grade art.

Some people make art to make a brazillion dollars.  Some of us are more interested in the process, than the product.  I doubt anyone needs a Clown face, but I needed to paint it.5-21-13


The original painting of this image is at Art on Depot.  Cathey suggested I try a pair.  I’ve used the streaming enamel paint that I’ve been using recently for the stems.  These are acrylics, the original is oil on paper.   I did it in SA  1991 or 1992.  I like the looseness of these new ones.  Blanket Flowers are a native wildflower in Texas.5-16-13a5-16-13b

Whole Bloomin’ Thing

Dash between the raindrops tomorrow, to Frog Level.  My booth will be in front of Art on Depot, or inside, if it’s pouring.  I have lots of new and “affordable”( never say cheap!) original art pieces.  3-25-13a

Keep it Alive.

Support the Library!  Tell the legislators why you use the library.  Are you looking for work, filing important paperwork, getting a DVD, downloading music and books, or just checking out a book.  On May 28, at 7pm, meet the head of the library, and some of the county commissioners.  As they chop the budget, we must be heard.  Meeting in the Fines Creek Gym.  Think of your neighbors and the children in this community, and the blessing that the library is to education and entertainment.

5-9-13This was the steering committee meeting on May 9.

Whole Bloomin’ Thing is Sat.

Do you have a spot for a round piece of art.  Check out my abstract Dahlia.  Or how about a salamander.  My booth will be in front of Art on Depot.  I’ve made a deal with my brother in TX.  Sat. he gets the rain and I get the sun!5-5-135-5-13a

Whole Bloomin’ Thing

Should I call these “Sketchy Girls”?  They are so much fun to make!  I’ll be showing them on May 11, 2013 down in Frog Level at the fair.  5-2-13