Thanks Nick

I  went to the opening of Nick DePaolo’s one man show at Gallery 86 in Waynesville, NC on Fri.  We both are learning to paint more in acrylics.  Long discussion on how to get the paint to run.  I experimented today.  Too much medium, I think.  It’s sooo easy with oils, but my propane heater makes oils a no no, til summer.  The flower is a serius, a bold bloom about 8″ across.2-25-13

Artist messes with nature

I may question the reason or right to copyright a genetically modified organism (GMO).  There is a case before the Supreme Court right now.  I’m messing with a painting of a bloom from a tulip poplar.  Same or different?2-19-13

Repurpose an arts magazine

The Laurel of Asheville is having a contest of artists repurposing their magazine.  I did the line work by dripping enamel.  The picture of the eye was perfect.  The lips are the top of a Valentine, from their Feb. issue.2-18-13

A square muse

Most of the Modern Muse series have been on round pieces of plywood.  This one, unnamed at this time,  snuck in.  The squares refer to QR codes.2-14-13

Human refinements on Nature

I continue exploring what impact humans have over nature.  This flower was made of dripped enamel, blue, then collage and drawing elements added.  I could copyright it, patent it, and claim that I made a better flower.  International agro businesses do it every day.2-13-13

New Improved Blue Flowers

I’m doing a series that comment on genetically modified or other human messing with nature.  The flowers are dripped lines of blue enamel.  Other enhancements such as collage and color are showing up.  So far these are on cardstock, so are 8 1/2 x 11.

New Improved Blue Flower
New Improved Blue Flower