Halloween horror

We got between 12″ and 14″ of snow, from the storm that hit W.Va.  But the town nearest us, just got a dusting.  A neighbor at a higher elev. got 22″.  Our tractor won’t move, even with chains on.  Thank goodness the sun came out.  Tomorrow Gregg has to go to work, even if he has to walk the 1/2 mile to the road.  He walked up Mon. night at midnight.  I’m not complaining, but life in 10-31-1210-31-12athe 47% is hard.

Modern Muses

I finished writing a grant to do more work on the Modern Muses.  Asking someone for money to make an art piece makes me get very focused.  What is a muse?  Do they have less power now, as most women do?  What are their working conditions and job descriptions?  It came to me that the modern Calliope, would be the muse of communication.  And what better emblem than an antenna.  This is a maquette, (mock up) of an idea.  10-23-12