I must be nuts.

Fines Creek Bluegrass Jam is Aug. 24 &25.  Then I’m part of a group show, NoHa, that we start installing Aug. 27.  Opening is Sept. 7.  It is exciting being an artist.  No 9-5 or regular paycheck!copper-oak-leaves

Quilt Trail Installation

Saturday was scary and exciting.  This quilt square, painted board, was installed on the gym wall where my studio is.  It represents the Dead Man in theCreek, or how Fines Creek got it’s name.  Gregg is supervising Bill Shalosky and Rodney Durbin installing.  Thanks to Ricky Jones for the incredible finesse of lifting the very heavy square up to  19 ft.!  We are three miles from I-40, off the Fines Creek exit, #15.   Come by and see it!  Check out our quilt trail at www.haywoodarts.org.dead-man-install-1