Color addict

I’ve been doing a different kind of work with the Modern Muses.  They are more assemblage.  I needed a color fix!.7-25-12

Muses for me

Muse’s have an important job.  They help the creative person get their act together.

Quilt Square

The Dead Man in the Creek quilt square was delivered by Kay Miller on Fri. July 15.   This is the second work of public art in Fines Creek.  The first is the War Memorial.  All communities benefit from public

Spammers suck!

I’ve been inundated by spammers.  We also had vandals break windows in the center where my studio is.  These people need to tap into their creativity, not the dark side.

Three years in this studio

Charlotte recommended that to be a serious artist, I needed a serious studio space.  This is an old classroom, 20’x30′ with hardwood floors and four windows that are eight feet high.  In the winter, my Tai Chi class meet in my studio.  The advice was incredible!  Here’s my left leg, and class.tai-chi-1


The negative forces are active.  My opening page was hacked.  Windows were broken in the center where my studio is.  Evil is alive and moving.

I’ll try to post.

I post on two computers, laptop and desktop, and WordPress is NOT HAPPY.  Or I have a scummy virus, thanks A…holes.  Anyway, the Gorgon may lose her post it notes.  They were entirely toooo cheerful.7-5-12

Terrified woman

A Gorgon is a terrifying woman.  This one earns seventy seven cents on a dollar that a male makes.  The gas pump does not ask if you are male or female.  The grocery doesn’t either.

WordPress hates people on dial up.  You won’t see the pic, thanks to them.  PLUUUGH!   The phone company hates people that don’t live in cities.  Everybody hates me, nobody likes me,  worms, worms, worms.

custody battle

I have two computers that I post from.  They are jealous and fight over custody of my posts all of the time.  Computers are bad parents.