The front of this canvas was a failure.  I’m working on abstraction on the back.2-17-12


I need to come up with a snappy title for this piece.  It is an interesting thing to work on.  The squares grab the paint, and some squares are just painted.2-8-12

Habitat Restore

This round piece of plywood was for sale at the Habitat store for $0.75.  I couldn’t resist, but only got two.  Now they’re gone.  They came from speaker cabinets. 2-1-12 I screwed it to the other board to work on it.  The squares are mat board, to refer to QR codes.  It isn’t taking the paint the way a flat surface would, so it’s hard to stay loose, when I keep running into edges.  But as in oils, I do better when I keep adding paint.  Now if I could only figure out how to get a pic on FB.  I’m a Luddite on dial-up.