fitting in

I know what the giraffe represents.  Someone who doesn’t fit in.  So some

wise10-25-11guy decides to “fix it”.


I’ve been writing a narrative to apply for an arts fellowship.  It is an excellent way to distill what it is I’m doing, and why they should support me.  I have whittled it down from the pompous verbosity to one word, “Hybrid”.   This only occurs when humanity is messing with nature.  The series started with collages of flowers that were constructed of computer detritus, then painted to look like a flower, corn, or eye.  They led to the “What if?” game.  What if someone decides to genetically modify awkward animals so they would be easier to transport?  I thought of a folding giraffe.  Might try it some day.  This one’s had her markings coopted by a QR code.  Camouflage is meant to confuse.  Markings are used to identify.  What is really going on?Camouflaged Giraffe


I’m thinking about the impact of humanity on nature.  We mess with it thru bioengineering, selective breeding and technological enhancements.  The results are…mixed.  The giraffe has intruded on my mind.  I’ve used a QR code to “improve” the animal.  Today is day one.10-13-11

Book of Clones

I did a series of three collage paintings.  They’re 7″x7″ because we cut a 2×8 into pieces.  I stretched canvas over them.  Most of the elements of this piece are experimental.  They will be part of a show of my collages at the Haywood County Public Library in Nov.10-12-11


This was a black & white painting.  I can’t stand no color.  So I added blue.  Maybe tomorrow it will need some yellow.10-10-11

baby boy

I made this collage for Janiece’s new baby, Zachary Green.  The pallette is primarily green, with the state map of Texas and a lone star for a future Aggie!10-5-11