acrylic practice

Iworked with acrylics.   It is still a struggle.  For some reason the paint wasn’t sticking to the ground.  I had primed over an old painting.    But as with oils, more paint is better.9-24-11


I’m annoyed with the gridlock in D.C.  They’ll bicker, and never get anything done.  This figure represents a quote I heard from a young mother.  She said “We’re okay as long as nothing bad happens.”  How long can we walk a tightrope with no jobs and the Tea Party fanatically dismantling the social safety net?9-8-11

late summer wild flowers

There are so many shades of purple in our local wild flowers.  Chicory, ironweed and gentian, with a dash of yellow from the goldenrod.  You don’t see this combo in a city.9-5-11

Back to work

The 14th Annual Fines Creek Bluegrass Jam is over.  Friday was disappointing, but Sat. was good.  Revenues and attendance down from last year, but that was expected.  Unemployment is HIGH in our community, starting with yours truly.   I didn’t sell a single thing.  I was sooo disappointed to not get any support.  But I mentioned it, and FCCA has given me a grant to cover my rent thru the end of the year.  So that was something.

This series deals with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).  When people monkey with nature, especially for profit, things don’t look, smell or taste the same.GMO Daylily