less cardinal

My impression this morning was of a Christmas Chicken, no Cardinal.  When something’s not right, add more paint.8-11-11


I did this series of red daylilies, in descending size.  After I finished and was thinking of a title, Sisters hit me.  Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t have a sister.in a shadow box8-10-11bBig Sis8-10-11d

more Vision

This puppy’s been hanging around for over a year.  I saw an artist that used smudged fields of white, so I gave it a try.  The lines thru the center of the iris are actual strands of monofilament that I poked thru the canvas.Vision


The progression was collage last winter, painting flowers on small canvases in the spring, and now painting on collage.  This one will be primed and the same image of the red daylily will be painted over it.    The idea is that when man starts bioengineering and fiddling with plant genomes in order to corner the market on food production, there are unexpected consequences.Genetik