I started this painting last year w/ some misguided idea that I could sell something that I wasn’t invested in.  Gregg nailed me and I’m glad.  This is starting to be MY river.1-21-11


Vellum is translucent surface used primarily by architects.  I don’t think it’s paper, maybe polyester?  This is the opposite side.  I did the initial drawing and the idea hit me  to also draw on the other side.  And I’m using acrylics, trying to learn more about their properties.  They make lovely washes on the vellum.  If I display this I may sandwich it between acrylic sheets.  Since it’s 3’x3′, glass would be a problem.

My dog Callie has torn her ACL.  We had to buy new tires for the tractor.  Gregg’s looking for a job.  My stomach hurts.Knitted


The title came after the drawing.  I’m learning to knit, and the hat became knitted.  I was floundering in many ways this morning and I flipped thru my journal for inspiration.  A note said investigate Klee symbols.  Instead I started this drawing w/ my symbols.  The woman w/ the cap, spirals, and prayer boxes.  This is done on architects vellum which is translucent.  The white is really the wall behind.  This piece is 3’x3′.  If I was hit w/ a money bomb, I would sandwich it between sheets of plexi, and display it so you could see through it.

There may not be a money bomb in my future, but thank goodness the snow is melting.  Gregg took me to my FC studio yesterday, but we had a meeting, no time to work.  The road is still snowy and icy and chains are required.  Wah, I’m getting work done here.1-17-11

How does your garden grow?

This rock sticks  out of my garden.  The blue LED lights don’t mind the snow.  The mermaid fountain to the left is filled w/ snow.  We’re being snowed in for the third time this year.  1-7-11