No, she doesn’t look like this.  She broke her ankle.  Surgery, 9 pins, a plate, and six weeks off of that foot is going to be a trial.  Trying to work and pay for the hospital is going to be …more than a trial.  She has no insurance thanks to a preexisting condition.  This drawing is my take on the situation.  Also, it’s the first time I’ve drawn on vellum.  I really like it.  This is 3’x2′.  The roll is 36″ wide.  Gregg’s going to make me a drawing board from a sheet of plywood, so I can draw as large as 8’x3′.  I like drawing big, but then how to display it is a big problem.  I’m supposed to cover it w/ acrylic sheet, but it’s very expensive.  My approach is to pin it to the wall, but then it isn’t suitable for “collectors”.  I want to enter a drawing show at UNCA, but not spend a fortune, which I don’t have, anyway, on framing two large drawings.  Oh, well, my problems are nothing compared to Marsha’s.Marsha


As I added more paint, I dropped some letters.  I live in a rain forest, so it might seem strange to do a series on Xeriscape.  I strongly believe that people need to pay attention to the plants that thrive in their region without insane irrigation.xeris

These are for…

Kim showed pottery & Nick showed paintings, but they couldn’t attend.  These will give them an idea of their

Open studio tour

Thanks to everyone that ventured out for the Haywood Open Studio Tour.  We met some interesting people, and they got to see what Fines Creek school has to offer in terms of artist’s space.Susan's studio