new gallery space

We are hanging our first show in Sleeping Stones Gallery.  It’s a classroom next to my studio.  These are huge classrooms off of the Fines Creek Gym.  The windows are 8 ft. tall.  Go to for a map for the HOST this Sat. and Sun.9-29-10

Words, words

This is a small, 16″x20″ , painting on canvas of the word Xeriscape.  I started w/ the idea of just using graphite and white paint.  I saw a beautiful painting that was done that way when the artist was desperately poor.  I have many tubes of many colors, and I can’t resist.  I did go back into some wet paint w/ vine charcoal.  The trick there is to decide how much mixing I wanted to do.  I also did some pouring.  As I continue to find out, more paint is better!Xeriscape Sonata

Elizabeth Warren, thank goodness.

Pundits talk about “populist rage” as a way to trivialize the anger and fear coursing through the middle class. But they have it wrong. Families understand with crystalline clarity that the rules they have played by are not the same rules that govern Wall Street. They understand that no American family is “too big to fail.” They recognize that business models have shifted and that big banks are pulling out all the stops to squeeze families and boost revenues. They understand that their economic security is under assault and that leaving consumer debt effectively unregulated does not work.