fine tuning

I’m doing small adjustments now.  Then comes a period of “percolating” .  I live w/ the painting and decide whether it’s done of not.  Gregg can be a great help, he will say “It’s not done” and it makes me ponder what else I might do.  Conversly, sometimes he says “It’s done”, and something nags at me.  Ultimately it’s my call.   Some paintings may be allowed to exist for awhile, but one day I paint  more, or Xeriscapeover them, because they didn’t WOW me.


We saw a film on the typeface Helvetica.   Until computers, most people didn’t even know the word typeface, now everyone has an opinion.  I used a typeface to get the spacing correct for Xeriscape, but I don’t remember which one.

The book room at FCCA is mostly empty.  Condensed books and Encyclopedias are left because even the library can’t get rid of them!  Big book sale coming up at the end of the month.  We are at a nexus when printed Encyclopedia are going to be recycled, not read.Xeriscape