Everything’s connected

An idea is sprouting.  It is coming from origami, Chemo Today, abstract painting,  acrylic painting and death.  In Chemo Today I made small square boxes and called them prayer boxes.  Floating squares in my paintings also represent prayers.  There has been a lot of death around us.  So this pink pyramid is an early try.  The white pyramid was working out how to make a pyramid.  My idea is to do a series of reliquaries, for the people we have lost.  However it may be too sad.  Gregg and I cried as we thought of the stuff that might remind us of my Dad.  An old pickup filled with tools, pecan pickers, PVC fittings, a chunk of concrete and a few empty beer cans.  No matter what, they will give me plenty of room to “speriment”.  I have found out that it is not easy to make and equilateral triangle.  I made me a 60 degree angle, and I can get close.6-30-10

progress slows

The first couple of days seem like a great leap forward because you cover up all of the white of the support.  Every little bit adds up, and someday I’ll have a painting!x-8

Bluegrass Jam

Save the dates, Aug. 27 & 28 for the Bluegrass Jam at Fines Creek School.  It’s an outdoor concert w/ tents in case of rain or too much sun.  See www.FinesCreek.org for a lineup of bands.Bluegrass Jam

JMW Turner

I saw a painting by turner of a castle in the fog.  I took this photo on a foggy winters day, so I thought I’d do something similar.  This is day one.6-14-10

Christmas spirals?

I struggled w/ spirals all winter, and wasn’t wowed, except for the one the eagle eyed Mr. Mills picked up.  If I want Christmas cards, I have to start now, and this is one.  It’s sharpie on paper.  Once I decide on the image, I will make a painting, so it will look quite different.Peace on Earth

Bluegrass Jam

More paint.  It’s getting a little muddy, but I think I can brighten it when it dries some.6-1-10