Bluegrass Jam

The Fines Creek Bluegrass Jam is Aug. 27 & 28.  This is from a photo of a previous Jam.Bluegrass Jam

Changes to “Changes”

I am painting oils over these panels.  You can put oils on top of acrylics, but you can’t go the other way, without peeling paint.  I thought I’d change a lot, but mostly there were areas that seemed thin to me.  Who knows, when this dries I may not like it either.  However, I’ll take my cue from Willem DeKoonig, who worked on one of his “Woman” paintings for over 10 years.  When we had llamas, you learned that you couldn’t let them win over bad behavior.  You had to correct it.  Same thing with paintings.  Changes

Ringing in his ears

The scar is where he had the brain tumor removed.  It was benign, but it didn’t stop the ringing in his ears.  Hearing aids helped the tinninitis and now the tumor won’t grow into a problem.  He titled this portrait Hugh “Zipperhead”.


I honestly tried to do this painting in acrylics, but, damn.  I didn’t repaint it with oils, just some highlights and zigs.  I was listening to Dylan singing love songs.  It hit me what my theme is. I’m a little dim.  My theme is women, and even these spirals represent5-18-10 life.  I have a suggestion for an alternate title.  Instead of “Changes”, how about “Change(s) of Life”.  It made ME laugh!

Historic building

We are having an arts & craft fair in the historic Fines Creek Gym, from 9-5 on Sat.  Come on out and see my new work.gym


This is a night-blooming-sirius(sp?)   It  is really red, and has never had so many blooms.  You may see this image in future paintings.5-11-10

lighten up

I took this image from a collage.   Theses panels have been “percolating” all winter.  When I looked at them I realized that the dark areas were too dark.   The other problem was that the paint was too segregated.  I like to interrupt the surface and drag paint to an area were it doesn’t belong.Flowers Don't Need..."

no neck

Hugh has lost a lot of weight and I’ve got him looking like a line backer.   The scars are globs of alizarin crimson.  I have to stay away from them til they dry.  Then I’ll add white for staples and black for scabs.  And I’ll work on his neck!Zipperhead


I haven’t done a portrait in a while.  Hugh wanted one w/ his staples from the removal of his tumor, Ygor.  This is day one, but I’m not terrified now.5-6-10

“The Lacuna”

I’m reading this book by Barbara Kingsolver.  Frida Kahlo is telling the main character that a painting needs ” a thimbleful of life”.    I dragged myself into my studio once again to battle w/ acrylics, and to pour my life into this painting.Changes