This is a big piece of canvas, about 7’x13′.  I started working on it in ’97 after the death of my parents.  We’ve hauled it around ever since.  I thought of it for “The Good Wreck”.  It is challenging to integrate a new painting on top of an old one, and it may fail, but I’ll never know unless I try.The Good Wreck

Round and round

Another spiral.

Insurance companies.  Bless their hearts.  They won’t pay for the damages to the fence.  I’m worried that by the time we cover hospital expenses and damages there won’t be any money to replace my car.  Oh well, at least I’m not trying to replace my husband!4-28-10


Colorist is a dirty word.  I’ve really tried to contain the color on this, but today I realize I don’t like the top.  Or the bottom.  Not together anyway.  Since this painting is on panel I could saw them apart.  But that’s lazy, I need to work to get the whole thing working.

My car was totaled, and the ins. co. paid quickly.  But the hospital is already at $8000, and the ins. will pay $2000.  Maybe we’ll get me a moped.  It’s all rather depressing.  4-26-10


I thought I needed to emphasize the changes otherwise they are just spirals!4-21-10a


Little did I know when I started thinking of these spirals as “Changes” how prescient that was.  Gregg’s crash certainly has changed our lives.  We are thankful that no other cars or people were involved.4-20-10

Nice day for flying…

but the crash sucked.  Gregg was hurt, Cally wasn’t.  After a night in the hospital, we still don’t know why he blacked out.  He left the road, went down into a ditch, was airborne for 78 ft, took out a section of fence, destroyed a gorgeous forsythia bush,  veered back across a two lane road and hit a dead pine tree.   The tree stopped him from plummeting forty feet into a creek.  The first person on the scene was a nurse.  She’s Lynn,Nice day for flying our Angel from Atlanta.  She’s up looking for property.  As Gregg walked to the ambulance, he gave her a business card.  The gallery laughed.  He got out of the hospital yesterday.


I have a book about Lee Krasner.  She had an artist’s career before and after Pollock.  But would anyone have known her if she hadn’t married him?  How many women artists can you name?4-16-10


I don’t know if it’s because the canvases I’m using are sooo old, or what.  This spiral is on gessoed paper, and the acrylics didn’t bead up on it.  I am pleased w/ the momentum in these new spirals.   4-14-10