These are acrylics.  I’m getting more used to them.  I’m using the spiral as a symbol of life, like DNA.3-31-10a3-31-10b

Ah, vacation.

I have a studio in San Antonio, so that brings my total to 3!  For years I had none.  Cosmic payback?  I worked on drawing and collage.3-28-10

snowed in, again

This is ridiculous!  You’d think we were still in Chicago!  I AM getting a lot of work done, but I would love to be able to drive to town when I want to.

I’ve tried paintingIcy DrivewayTree of Life my driveway, not in western perspective, but flat like African art.  However I’ve put the mountain in “correctly”.  To get all of the snow you’d think I’d just paint it titanium white, w/ a black ribbon for the road.  There was a lot of color in the River, so I tried it.  Now I have to wait for it to dry enuf to add in some white hightlights.  Also, the light is very different when it’s snowing, than when the sun comes out.  THAW!  I’ll make the rest up!  More on the Tree of Life.

killed it

I added a lot more paint to the top of the tree, with the painting upside down.  So there will be drip marks flowing “up”.  I also added a little space ship w/ a solar array.   When this dries enuf, I will highlight some areas.3-1-10