around the bend

I tried to show the painting around the side of the panel.  Actually I painted with the panel upside down today, but thru the magic of Photoshop, this image is right side up.   A painting should look as good upside down, and backwards, as seen in a mirror.  I regularly use a hand mirror.1-29-10


I should have taken this photo off axis.  I painted the edges.  I’m still considering “embellishing” the panel w/ something to emphasize the spirals.1-28-10


What if I lay the panels with spirals on the floor?  It could1-27-10 be a path.


I’ve been thinking about death and decided I did NOT want to explore that subject.  So I’m exploring using spirals as symbols of life, from the double helix.  But a double helix is too hard to draw! BOO, HOO.  I started this painting Sat. and was not happy.  We took Willow to Donna yesterday, and that took the whole day.  When I looked at this panel this a.m.  I was intrigued.  It is 80″ high and 18″ wide.   Sorry that the light is even worse on the top.1-18-10


I’m not sure if color is my friend.  I started this w/ a nod to Matisse’s cut-out colors.  1-11-10


Friday was bitterly cold with ice warnings, so I appreciate the people that showed up for my opening.  Especially thanks to Gregg for getting me to it! The exhibit is there thru the end of Feb. so when it warms up, go see it!  This image is a reworking of log butts.  My new idea is spirals.  I post these works in progress because it gives me a different perspective.  1-10-10


I’ve been thinking about spirals.  It started with the double helix of DNA, a symbol for life.  I tried drawing them parallel, but found uneven spirals more interesting.  This panel started life as log butts.  I’m going to see how it goes, but here is day one.1-6-10


We take Chemo Today to Art on Depot tomorrow.  Of course we had 4 ” of snow and the windchill tomorrow will be subzero.  It’s good that I lived in Chicago, I’m not nearly as freaked out about the weather as a Texas girl should be.   However some Tejas warmth would be nice for a while.1-2-10