Small works at Gallery 86

The max. dimension on these is 12″, which is kinda weird for me, I usually work on a larger scale.  This is a shot at shameless commerce, nobody can say they’re tooooo expensive.11-25b11-25c11-25d11-25e

Professional framing is Great!

This is my dirty secret.  Until today, I had never had any of my art professionally frames.  Robert Reitz is my HERO.  See what he framed at Art on Depot.  The war rages in my head.  Framing works on paper costs, but there is something about canvas that makes me stumble.  May all be a dumb discussion, I’ve sold ONE painting this year, so maybe the medium isn’t the problem.  Forrest would say that it’s my problem, along with world hunger, but I think it just might be the economy.  Whadda ya think?

Flowers Don't Need ClocksFlowers Don't Need Sunglasses


The open house and cold weather have slowed my posts.  I worked on the small red daylily today, but the pix came out blurry.  The “Queen Anne’s Lace” is going to the small works show at Haywood.  I’m taking 4 flower paintings and one barn.  I know I’m supposed to expect that they’ll sell like hotcakes, but I don’t.  It is an opportunity to show them.queen-annes-lace