looking good

Gregg is installing burlap over the fiberboard above the “blackboards”.  I want nice display spaces.  We are prepping for an open house Oct. 10 & 11.  Then you can some and see the finished studio!8-29-09

Oh la la!

Ford Motor Co. is on my badside right now.

Donna and Gregg helped me with my studio.  Notice overhead lights, just like city folk.  Donna painted one blackboard red, but I balked at both and went for a grey/brown.  We got big house plants  for $1 a piece.  I’m not running away to Tahiti, I brought Tahiti to Fines Creek.  I’m starting a smaller painting based on this stone work, which is the outside of my studio.   Studio at Fines Creek gymStudio w/ Cally and vacuumStone work on Fines Creek gym


I borrowed a book with writings from Paul Gauguin.  Maybe he was a horses’ ass to his family, but he has some interesting things to say.  I’ve been mixing colors, he said to lay them next to each other.   Since this painting was mostly done, I don’t know if this is a reasonable test.  I was glum today, and this was what I could do.8-20-09

flowers don’t need…

I struggled at the beginning of this project for a “theme”.  But I got impatient, as usual, and started painting.  Soon I will have the symbols in.  Because it’s such a large surface, 80″ x90″ it’s going to take some time.  And I’m loving it!8-14-09

center panel

Yesterday’s post went to that big hole in the internet.  We shall see about today.  This is the center panel.  It it 6″8″ tall, 30″ wide.8-13-09-center

red daylilies

I took a break from the panels today.  I worked on a collage with the idea of a crazy quilt.  Of course it’s harder than it looks, and I didn’t get much further that cutting up some paper.  But I decided I needed to do collage and drawing first, because after a morning of painting, I’m not interested or energetic enuf.  I’m ducking the gym because D is in ChiTown.  I’ll get back to it, I know I need it to have any kind of energy.  After the collage I revisited these red daylilies.Red Daylilies


An art form where women dominate and are incredibly creative.   Men are welcome to join in, but do not usurp the medium.  I got a lot of ideas and a book on art quilts at the Asheville Quilt Guild show yesterday.  Gregg was amazed at what a variety there are.

I worked on one panel, going toward abstraction.  In this photo I just noticed that it looks like I have a giant bug in there.   I’ll deal with it, next time.8-10-09


I realized that the collage that I’m working from is visible.  The panels sit on a rig that is in front of some nice deep storage bins.  I like the space, but the overhead lights are sitting on the floor, waiting for the electrician.  Oh,well, it was sunny today.8-7-09


Although the color is dominating, I am working on structure also, I promise!three panels