Show in Jan-Feb

I’m having a show in Jan.!   Chemo Today and female figures!  I’m excited.  And today they were working on the lights in my studio!  This agave had a piece of tape down the middle, and the box.  I haven’t decided what to do with those spaces yet.Agave DividedSpattered emamel w/ Yucca blossom

malware, again

Sorry for the interruption, but it isn’t my fault!  I wish these knotheads would solve healthcare instead of sabotaging my website.  Although it does illustrate one of my strongest beliefs.  There are creators or destroyers.  Even tho I don’t like destroyers, they do exist.  I am thankful that I have the time and energy to be a creator.

I’ve started the three panels.  Today I concentrated on one.  Yesterday I was reintroduced to art quilts.  It got me thinking.Three panelsone of three panels

My helper

Cally is my dog.  She’s checking out the panels.  I have the image for this side, at least.   It’s a collage of flowers.  I looked at my Diebenkorn book again.  Robert Hughes said he was influenced by Matisse.  How much, and how much does it matter?Cally at FC Studio

settling in

I’m doing flowers, a familiar and favorite subject,Yucca blossom 3Yucca and skyRed daylilies to get comfortable in my new studio.

I’m back!

For my BD I got two surprises.  One was good, a new and much bigger studio.  The other was bad.  North Koreans or someone hijacked my website and filled it with malware.  So Google slapped a big red banner across it that said ‘Attack Sight”.  Luckily Gregg could fix it and Forrest got Google to check it and take it off the EVIL list.

I like my new studio.  I’ve screwed my back up and have been working at 1/2 power.  Maybe next week you’ll start seeing some new work.  I have three panels and am contemplating a triptych or a screen.

I also realized that it’s about time to do another self portrait.

Yeah, I got my site back!Fines Creek studio

das Uninsured

The CDC estimates that half of all Americans do NOT have health insurance.  If  competition is a basic tenet of capitalism,  what do private insurers fear?  And if they are so good at insurance, why are half of all Americans exposed to financial disaster from any health issue?  Sure you make more profit off of the young and healthy, but isn’t the idea of insurance to spread the risk?das Uninsured