Forrest & Gregg installed the doors on Chemo Today.  I started putting in scarves and hats from Bobbi.    I thought handling her things would make me sad, but they are so typically her that they made me laugh.   I’m dealing with a riot of color.   Forrest suggested I paint the prayer boxes the teal color I’m using as a theme.  It was very recyclable of me to use old cracker boxes and other cardboard packaging, but they are distracting.  My smart aleck husband suggested I label the prayer boxes according to the religious denomination they originated from.    We don’t believe that it matters what dogma they come from, but that prayers areChemo TodayInstalling doors on the closet offered in love.


We installed the front wall on Chemo Today.  Next we have to hang the doors and deal with the light source.  I’m considering painting the figure in a pose of her rising to her feet.  Anyone who thinks I know what I’m doing at every turn of the process hasn’t followed this blog very far.Chemo Today

Bobbi died yesterday.

She was 59.   Cancer is awful.  I am working on Chemo Today.  We are building the front wall.

This morning I worked on Destroyer.  It sounds like Bof A has destroyed itself.  BofA changes name to Destroyer of America.

Anger gives way to sadness

I still think a civil protest against Bank of America is called for.  My idea is to trace the outline of your shoe, write your comments in the image and mail it to BofA headquarters.   Inundate them with paper.  Good for the PO and the firemarshall could declare their offices a fire hazard.  Not so good for the environment, you KNOW they don’t believe in recycling.

We wait and pray as Bobbi makes the long walk home.2-19

A step at a time

A recurring theme in my paintings are boxes that signify prayers or angels or wishes.    I am going to make small paper boxes to hang in Chemo Today that will have prayers written on the inside.  I experimented with using paper and a box that I was going to recycle.  Thanks to an interest in handmade books I have the tools to make little boxes.  I tied these, so someone could untie it and read the message.  A little like a fortune cookie.  But that may not be practical if they don’t put it back.  Or does that matter?

Good models are hard to find!

If you think funding for the NEA is pork, go soak your head!  And rural access for the internet, YES.   making prayer boxesboxes of paper and recycled cardboardmodel

back wall

This is the back panel of Chemo Today.  It’s 87″x48, and will be 7 inches narrower when we attach the walls.   2-4

Straight lines

I used a ruler to get the straight line.  I have a problem with lines or edges.  I guess I’m not a crispy critter.2-2