I’ve been working on the stones.   There is quite a difference in the way the paint is handled from one side to the other.   In the end it all has to balance.

We priced materials for Chemo Today.  It will be Monday before we can buy anything.   We found some nice details.  I have to remind Gregg that this doesn’t have to be built to NC building code!1-23


I thought I would have something to show you on the beginning of “Chemo Today”.  It is the name of the project that I’m doing with the grant from the Arts Council of Hendersonville.   But the snow turned to a nice layer of ice on our road, so I haven’t gotten out to price materials.   Gregg helped me draw plans and we do have a materials list.

Basically we are building a closet.  Here’s the working statement.

Abby, Beth, Claire, Donna and millions of women face Chemo Today.   Travel back in time to see her this morning in her closet.  She’s gathering her wits, focusing her chi, pulling herself together.  Anny minute she will leap to her feet, or stagger, put something on her head, and march out the door to her future.

Three panels or doors refer to a classic triptych.  The closet is a place to hide.  Each woman knows there is no way to hide from this disease, or disguise the toll it takes on her body and soul.

Welcome President & Mrs. Obama

I’m so glad you are here.  I wish you incredible good luck and constant prayers, which is a pittance of what we need to get out of this *&^%$ mess.

This is a study for A Good Marriage.  As I worked on the screen, I saw the need for more work on this piece.

We’ve been iced in for two days.  Gregg helped me with the construction plans and materials list for Chemo Today.  I had hoped to start tomorrow, but patience  is more important than a crumpled car.  I will share my plans and statement, at least.1-21

I got a grant!

Thanks to the Arts Council of Henderson County and the NC Arts Council.  My proposal is called “Chemo Today” and I imagine you will see the beginnings of that work posted here Wed or Thur.  I want to go to Habitat to get some doors.  Basically I’m going to build a closet.  Stay tuned to find out why.  In the mean time “A Good Marriage” progresses.A Good Marriage


I’m ambivalent about the washes on the logs.  The water is frozen, so I’m distracted.  We can’t afford repairs.  I hate this mess.  I just heard on the radio that someone is blaming David Bowie for our economic woes.  Thank goodness, they aren’t blaming me.   I  didn’t crop this,  so look carefully for the edges.1-16


I’m sticking my head in the sand.  Actually I’m getting lost in painting.  But what about all the others that have no way to close out the clamor.   Maybe it’s just me and everything is fine.   Create.  Make something, give yourself a break.A Good Marriage


I had a good idea about this screen.  I’ve been using a pallette knife a lot lately.  On the left side the washes flow across the board nicely.  So I think the logs will be washes and the chimney will be more pallette knife.1-14

Sorry wordpress

There should be a box that Luddites can check so that techies don’t get all bent out of shape.   Being a good mom, I made Forrest update me to 2.7.

another screen

At the behest of Art on Depot, I am painting another screen.  I don’t need much behesting, I like the wooden surface and the size.  This screen is 80″ tall and 60″ wide.  So this is what Day One of painting looks like.