Contemplating Cyclamens

Kristen likes flowers, and reminded me that I do too.  Hope everyone had a good Christmas.  In 2008 I spent my time getting back up to speed painting.  2009 is going to require that I actually get my paintings into your homes and offices, and some moolah in my pocket.

What was I thinking?

Portraits are hard!  It would help if I were a brilliant draftsman(woman) but I’m much happier slathering paint around than trying to make something look… at least familiar.

Art on Depot Rocks!

Cathey sold two of my paintings!  Yeah!  We were able to donate $350 to Bobbi & Hugh from card sales.  There are still cards available.  They’re blank so they don’t have to be Christmas cards.  See the Portfolio part of my site for more info.  We’re raising money to help Bobbi  in her fight with Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

I think I’ve got my Christmas portraits done. 

Snow on a Cold Tin Roof

This is a 30″x24″ canvas.  I’ve been working on paper or panels and they take the paint differently.  The texture grabs the pallette knife and the brushes bump across it.  I guess once I get enuf paint on it, it will feel more familiar.  Art on Depot is trying to talk me into doing another screen.  I’m a tough nut, yeah.  We bought the panels this morning.  Painting on a large surface 80″x56″ when it’s cold and miserable outside is my idea of FUN!