Inflammatory Breast Cancer

This disease is ravaging the body and spirit of someone I love.  I want to express some of her frustration and pain without intruding.   Her body is now an alien to her.


How do you know you haven’t been invaded by aliens when cancer makes you sick and chemo steals your hair?

Art on Depot Gallery

I met Cathey Bolton this morning.  My work will be represented by her new gallery in Waynesville, NC.  Opening night is Nov. 7 7-9pm, in conjunction with Art After Dark.  I continue working on the figure for the grant.


I applied for a grant.  In doing so, the idea of women facing cancer smacked me in the face.  So whether I get the grant or not, I’ve decided to work on a series of figures titled “Hoping”.   Since recent discussions pointed out the importance of naming a work, I’m going to give each one a name, in alphabetical order.

Chemo Today

I wrote a proposal for a grant from the Henderson Arts Council.  Even if I don’t get the grant ($1000) I’m working on the figure that would be in it.  “A bald, scarred, woman is huddling in her closet.  She does not want to face her fears, sickness, and the medical mangle called “health care”.”

Christmas cards?

Bobbi’s coming home!  A week in the hospital is more than enuf for anyone.  Do you think these pix would make nice Christmas cards?