Hardest working dog

Bobbi, I wanted you to see the hardest working dog in the studio.  She’s sure that her next auction will net $700 billion dollars.  So you’re going to have to really bust your butt to keep up with her!

after a year…

This is part of the Fury’s series, called “What the Hell Happened?”   She’s demanded attention off and on since last fall.   I think I’m getting her together.  The snow pix are experiments with dripped enamel underpainting.  Also, I am working on a grant proposal.  Guess it’s rude to mention it, since I’m not ready to post anything.  RASPBERRY!  So I’m rude, or disorganized.

drippy paint

If you’ve seen a Jackson Pollock painting in real life you’d know how seductive they are.  These are some experiments with drips.