Self portrait

The title of this is from the book Dune.  “Fear is a Mind Killer”.  I’ve experimented with the enamel tears.  They are latex and the rest is oils.  They may peel off, or not.

Technology hates me.

Yes this photo is out of focus, but now the zoom lens on my camera is stuck.  Yesterday I had to deal with medical technology and the day before I screwed up the photo transfer.  It is considered uncivilized to be a Luddite, but I’m more comfortable with paint, brushes, and images that I make by hand.    Since Gregg is civilized he will fix the camera when he gets home.  Machines are afraid of him.

Rocks & Snow

This new one is one quarter the size of the previous ones.  I work on gessoed Lenox paper which is 22″ x30″.  I lose about a half inch from the edges where I taped the paper to a thin plywood board.  This is cheap, light weight, and easy to store when they are dry.  This iterration is white and Payne’s gray.  I avoided the pallette knife, but used a brush, rag, and bamboo skewer for sgraffito(sp?).  I do NOT want to end up w/ something that looks like a fuzzy black and white photo.  There’s always tomorrow.

My way

I can’t write Gregg’s stories or paint Charlotte’s pain.   Whatever, I’ll take Sinatra’s advice, and do it my way.

Fury-What the hell happened?

I did a series of paintings on women who were furious, mostly with men that done ’em wrong.  This one has been “percolating” for awhile.  I dragged her out today.  She may not seem furious, but very confused.

totem pole

Donna, my mother-in-law, bought this totem pole in Alaska.  It was at WindDancers, and now it’s on our front porch.  She said paint it, so I am.

I also worked on a painting that’s been percolating for awhile.  We think it was a night blooming sirius(sp?).  I think that blooms and snow relate, they are fleeting.

Rocks, Snow, reverse

Gregg often wonders why I have to justify what I’m doing.  Goody two shoes upbringing? Impostor syndrome?  I can’t tell you why I’m painting rocks and snow in June.


I’m letting the Cherry blossoms percolate.  I had started a series on Rocks & Snow.  Today I started a reverse.  Variations on a theme.  I thought the snow would kick my butt, but the rock did.  How to make it solid and connected to the earth.