May 31

Last night “On Golden Pond” opened at HART.  It was funny and thank goodness they didn’t have the character Norman, die at the end.  Donna was shocked when I said we had to hurry out to serve.  She had steeled herself for a death scene.  She did not need that.  I had some good feedback on my work.  The opening night party is usually a madhouse, we were told, and this was no different.  The caterers from Sunset fixed food that was mentioned in the play.  It was the first time we had seen milk and cookies on a buffet!  I think painting today was productive.

Kim’s baby present

I offered to make a painting for Kim and Sonexay’s baby girl, due in June.  We decided on a theme of cherry blossoms.  I did a paper collage, an idea I will follow.  But I got interested and started a slightly different idea.  This one is on a panel, a hollow core door that Gregg cut in half then added a support at the bottom.  The size is 24″ x 40″.  I’ve been exploring textures and this should be a challenge; blossoms, trunks, leaves, water, light and dark.  I thought Kim would like to follow my progress, so if you’re reading this, you are a voyeur!

Installing my art show at HART

Gregg and Bobbi installed my show, and I just sat there.   We agreed on placement, and got 25 pieces hung in less than two hours.  We had a nice lunch with Bobbi and caught up on her treatment for breast cancer.   I’ve already had an inquiry, and sold a piece.  The show “On Golden Pond” opens tomorrow night and we will be there with bells on.

Eulogy to Robert Rauschenberg

Rauschenberg was 82 when he died Monday.    Do you ever wonder about the Port Arthur, Beaumont area of Texas?  Lots of creative people are from there, like Janis Joplin, John Alexander, and the Winter bros.  Is that where the “crossroads” is?  How did they get so creative?

Log cabin photo

My new show of paintings will be at HART from May 22 to June 8.  This is one of the photos that I’ve been painting from.